Front Brake System

65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System

65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System
65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System
65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System
65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System

65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System   65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System
12x1.25 Rotor 4 Piston Forged Aluminum Caliper Brake System for DRUM Spindles Disc brake conversion kit for 1964-73 Mustangs. Pictures show system mounted to our optional Big Spindle (not included in this kit but highly recommended for serious street or track cars). Using only premium components, this complete'turn-key' brake system offers the highest level of performance available for 15 wheels. Using heavy duty directional vane 12" x 1.25" rotors mounted to an aluminum hat this system offers great weight savings and exceptional cooling. Stress flow forged aluminum calipers with 4 stainless steel pistons accept. 800 thick pads in a variety of compounds. Our custom spindle bracket requires no modification to your DRUM spindles and enables the kit to fit popular wheels.

Please download and use the wheel fitment template. Fits 65-73 Mustangs, Falcons and other Fords that used the same spindles. Direct bolt on to 65-73 Mustang V8 OE drum spindles (65-67 any spindle, 68-73 drum version only).

Retains OE track width and enables use of 15x7 (or larger) vintage style & backspace wheels without spacers or modifications. 2 x Forged aluminum 4 piston calipers, powder coated bright red or gloss black. 2 x Hubs fitted with bearing races and standard length wheel studs (so you can use closed end lug nuts).

3 long ARP studs and open ended lug nuts also available. 2 x Hub centric adapter shims.

2 x Billet spindle/caliper mounting brackets. CAD designed and CNC machined. 2 x Timken inner bearings. 2 x Timken outer bearings. 2 x Timken inner dust seals. 2 x Stainless steel braided brake hoses complete with all adapters to connect to caliper and stock hard lines. 2 x Castle nuts (70-73 spindles use nut and castle style nut retainer). Grade 8 bolts and all the hardware to install the kit. ARP 3 long wheel studs. All kits are custom built to your exact specifications. Fits many 15 & larger wheels. Stress flow forged from premium grade aluminum alloy billets. This process re-aligns the metals internal grain structure to flow within the contour of the caliper body. This process eliminates the stresses and interruptions to the internal grain structure that occur when machining a straight block. This results in a stronger and stiffer caliper. Continuing the performance trend of this system, this caliper uses a huge pad. Each pad is 0.800 thick, has an area of 8.2 square inches and a volume of 4.9 cubic inches. That is almost as thick as a stock Mustang rotor! Thick pads not only last a long time, they offer insulation from the heat of the rotor transmitting to the pistons and ultimately the fluid.

Pad changes are super easy, simply remove the center bridge bolt and pull out the pads. Medium friction, smooth engagement, low abrasion.

Maintains a coefficient of friction between. 40 from cold peaking at. Beds quickly and provides fast response without excessive abrasion. High friction, smooth initial response, low wear rate. Medium to high friction with good cold response.

Long wearing pad in the middle temperature ranges with only moderate wear in sustained high heat conditions. Peak coefficient of friction of. 63 is reached at only 400F degrees and is almost flat all the way to 1300F degrees.

Powder coated bright red or gloss black - other custom colors available. Each caliper is equipped with replaceable stainless steel bridge plates. These plates eliminate the bridge wear caused by pad gouging and extend the service life of the caliper body.

The spring-loading action of the plates also eliminates pad rattle and dampens the vibration harmonics that contribute to squeal under braking. Other standard features include high-temperature, square faced o-ring seals for positive sealing, controlled piston retraction, and long service life in high heat conditions. Stainless steel pistons are used to resist corrosion and retard heat transfer from the pads. Two-piece bleed screw assemblies provide long, reliable service life and are easily replaced if necessary.

Caliper is mounted rearward of the spindle upright (trailing). This position makes routing brake duct hose in from the front of the car super easy. Heavy Duty 2 Piece mounted to CNC machined billet aluminum hat. We use only quality, heavy duty castings made in North America.

Many cheaper'offshore' rotors are poorly cast and may contain inferior materials and air pockets. Why use such a large rotor? The friction created by braking creates heat and the more and harder you brake the more heat is generated. All that heat has to go somewhere and if the'heat-sink' (rotor) gets so hot it can no longer absorb heat then the heat will migrate to other components.

These other components will include brake fluid and wheel bearings, not places you want increased heat. The problem with large rotors is weight. All that weight is unsprung which will affect suspension performance and increase stopping distances.

The rotor we use in this kit provides the best of both worlds. Increased thermal mass due to its diameter and thickness yet lighter weight when mounted to an aluminum hat. In fact, the rotor, aluminum hat, hub and stud combination used in this kit is 3lbs lighter than a standard 1970 Mustang rotor! Additionally the increased width of this rotor allows the cooling vanes to be wider resulting in more airflow for cooling.

Directional cooling vanes aid in brake cooling. Our 2-pc 12" rotor with aluminum hat, hub and studs weighs 3lbs less than this 1-pc 11.25" 1970 rotor. Meticulous attention to detail and advanced computer modeling techniques ensure perfect fit. Our brackets are custom CAD designed, CNC machined, then plated for corrosion protection. The item "65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System" is in sale since Wednesday, February 21, 2018. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Vintage Car & Truck Parts\Brakes". The seller is "streetortrack" and is located in West Bloomfield, Michigan. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  1. Manufacturer Part Number: ST12X125-2PC-4P-ALUM
  2. Placement on Vehicle: Front
  3. Part Brand: Street or Track

65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System   65-73 Mustang 12 Front Disc Brake System